Tasting Notes

Single Varietals

Savvy Pomme Sparkling – 8.5% – 375ml – $8.90
A fruity, sparkling off-dry cider. Single varietal cider using a russet variety called Pomme Gris, the pineapple notes and crisp finish make this a perfect porch drink. Pair with your favourite salad or curry.

Single Origin chocolate pairing – Peru: Savvy Pomme Sparkling’s fruity & crisp notes marries well with the Peruvian chocolate and its dominant notes of dried fruits and a finish of acidity.

Savvy Pomme Still – 8.5% – 750ml – $18
A small batch of our favourite Savvy Pomme, oak aged & bottled still. Remarkably different, yet similar. Same tropical fruit flavours with a more wine-like finish.

Single Origin chocolate pairing – Brazil: Savvy Pomme Still’s oak ageing brings out the wood notes of the Brazil chocolate, while the fruitiness pairs with the fruity-sourness on the chocolate.

Danforth Rd Series: Harrison (still) – 8.3% – 375ml – $13 **
A single varietal cider made using rare Harrison apples from our estate orchard. The first Canadian single varietal using these apples. Fermented in barrels with wild yeast, the cider has higher acidity and soft tannins finishing with hints of mandarin.

Danforth Rd Series: Russet Pét-Nat – 10.2% – 375ml – $12 **
A single varietal, naturally fermented cider using Golden Russets from the estate orchard made in the ancestral method. The Danforth Rd russets bring a vibrant shale minerality and notes of ripe stone fruits.

Golden Russet – x.x% – 750ml – $
Single varietal Golden Russet, fermented with natural/wild yeast. Traditional method. To be released Summer 2021.

Modern Styles

Loyalist Spy 2019 – 8.1% – 750ml – $16
A sparkling dry cider. Natural carbonation and left on the lees to create gentle bubbles. Enjoy the light, bright and fruity crispness. Great patio sipper which also works well with seafood or plant based meals.

Single Origin chocolate pairing – Madagascar: the bright fruit-forward crispness is a lovely match to the Madagascar square, with its notes of red berries, apricot and banana.

Hopped 2019 – 7.9% – 500ml – $9
A dry hopped cider. Tropical juicy and citrus aroma, backed up by slight astringency from the hops. Drink soon – best enjoyed fresh. Try it with tacos, fish & chips or pasta with red sauce.

Single Origin chocolate pairing – Peru: the juicy tropical fruit aroma from the hops is beautifully balanced with the Peru chocolate and its dominant notes of dried fruits with gentle acidity.

Bootlegger Whiskey – 9.0% – 500ml – $14
A bone-dry cider barrel aged in an Islay Scotch whisky barrel. Smokey and peaty flavours throughout and a lingering whiskey finish. Works wonderfully in an Old Fashioned or pair with smokey cheeses or flame grilled foods.

Single Origin chocolate pairing – Brazil: when paired with the Bootlegger Whiskey, the Brazil chocolate’s smoky finish is brought to the forefront.

Bootlegger Rum – 9.4% – 500ml – $14
Aged in Jamaican & Ecuadorian Rum barrels to add an element of warmth, butterscotch aromas and a touch of vanilla in the taste. Almost a rum cocktail in a bottle – smooth and easy to drink.

Single Origin chocolate pairing – Brazil: the fruity-sourness notes on the Brazil brings out the rum barrel woodiness on the cider.

Danforth Rd. Series: Blush – 8.2% – 375ml – $ **
A naturally rosé cider made from rare red-fleshed apples from the estate orchard on Danforth Road, blended with local pears. Soft carbonation highlights floral notes and a crisp finish. Traditional method. To be released June/July 2021


Pommeau – 18.5% – 375ml – $32
An apple port – a fortified cider made with apple eau-de-vie blended with lightly fermented cider. It’s sweet and sharp with a touch of spirits fire on the finish. A sipper to drink- an aperitif before dinner or after a meal with dessert or cheese. Also works well in cocktails. Awarded medals at both 2019 & 2020 International CiderCraft competition

Single Origin chocolate pairing – Mexico: the sweet and smooth barrel aged fortified cider picks up on the vibrant peppery and woody notes of the Mexican chocolate.

** Limited quantities available. Only available for tastings on VIP tours.